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TitleSponsorNCI Protocol No.StatusTrial Type
A Study to Establish a New Onset Hyperglycemia and Diabetes CohortFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterA211701RecruitingScreening/Early Detection
Assessing Effectiveness and Implementation of an EHR Tool to Assess Heart Health Among SurvivorsWake Forest University Health SciencesWF-1804CDEnrolling by invitationCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Assessment of Current Biomarker Testing Practices for Common Solid Cancers in Precision Oncology in the Community SettingECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research GroupECOG-ACRIN-EAQ161CDRecruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Axillary Reverse Mapping in Preventing Lymphedema in Patients With Breast Cancer Undergoing Axillary Lymph Node DissectionAlliance for Clinical Trials in OncologyA221702RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
Biospecimen Analysis in Determining Effects of Chemotherapy on Fertility in Osteosarcoma SurvivorsChildren's Oncology GroupCOG-ALTE16C1RecruitingOther
Bupropion in Reducing Cancer Related Fatigue in Stage I-III Breast Cancer SurvivorsGary MorrowURCC-18007RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
CA-IX, p16, Proliferative Markers, and HPV in Diagnosing Cervical Lesions in Patients With Abnormal Cervical CellsGynecologic Oncology GroupGOG-0237RecruitingCancer Prevention
Carvedilol in Preventing Heart Failure in Childhood Cancer SurvivorsChildren's Oncology GroupCOG-ALTE1621RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
Computer Training Program for Younger Patients With a Brain Tumor Who Underwent Radiation TherapyChildren's Oncology GroupCOG-ACCL10P1RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
Dexamethasone in Reducing Everolimus-Induced Oral Stomatitis in Patients With CancerAlliance for Clinical Trials in OncologyA221701RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
Diet and Physical Activity Change or Usual Care in Improving Progression-Free Survival in Patients With Previously Treated Stage II, III, or IV Ovarian, Fallopian Tube, or Primary Peritoneal CancerGynecologic Oncology GroupGOG-0225RecruitingOther
Digital Tomosynthesis Mammography and Digital Mammography in Screening Patients for Breast CancerECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research GroupECOG-ACRIN-EA1151RecruitingScreening/Early Detection
Docetaxel or Paclitaxel in Reducing Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy in African American Patients With Stage I-III Breast CancerECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research GroupECOG-ACRIN-EAZ171RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
Duloxetine to Prevent Oxaliplatin-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy in Patients With Stage II-III Colorectal CancerAlliance for Clinical Trials in OncologyA221805RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
Effect of Treatment on Work Experience in Patients With Stage I-III Prostate CancerWake Forest University Health SciencesWF-1802RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
Effects of Dexrazoxane Hydrochloride on Biomarkers Associated With Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure After Cancer TreatmentChildren's Oncology GroupCOG-ALTE11C2RecruitingOther
Evaluation of Mammographic Breast Density in Participants With Hormone Receptor-Negative Breast Cancer Enrolled on Study A011502Alliance for Clinical Trials in OncologyA211601RecruitingOther
Financial Burden Assessment in Patients With Stage I-III Colon or Rectal Cancer Undergoing TreatmentECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research GroupECOG-ACRIN-EAQ162CDRecruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy After Mastectomy in Preventing Recurrence in Patients With Stage IIa-IIIa Breast CancerAlliance for Clinical Trials in OncologyA221505RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
Identifying, Understanding, and Overcoming Barriers to the Use of Clinical Practice Guidelines in Pediatric OncologyChildren's Oncology GroupCOG-ACCL15N1CDRecruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Implementing a Virtual Tobacco Treatment for Cancer Patients in Community Oncology PracticesECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research GroupECOG-ACRIN-EAQ171CDRecruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Increasing the Dose of Survivorship Care Planning in Improving Care and Outcomes in Prostate Cancer Survivors Receiving Androgen Deprivation TherapyNRG OncologyNRG-CC007CDRecruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Lactobacillus Plantarum in Preventing Acute Graft Versus Host Disease in Children Undergoing Donor Stem Cell TransplantChildren's Oncology GroupCOG-ACCL1633RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
Late Effects After Treatment in Patients With Previously Diagnosed High-Risk NeuroblastomaChildren's Oncology GroupCOG-ALTE15N2RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
Learning Collaborative Vs Technical Assistance in Delivering a Palliative Care Program to Patients With Advanced Cancer and Their CaregiversGary MorrowURCC-18110CDEnrolling by invitationCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Low-Dose Ibuprofen in Improving Cognitive Impairment in Patients With Non-metastatic With CancerGary MorrowURCC-16092RecruitingComparative Effectiveness Research
Myopenia and Mechanisms of Chemotherapy Toxicity in Older Adults With Colorectal CancerWake Forest University Health SciencesWF-1806RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
Naloxegol in Treating Patients With Stage IIIB-IV Non-small Cell Lung CancerAlliance for Clinical Trials in OncologyA221504RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
NCI COVID-19 in Cancer Patients, NCCAPS StudyNational Cancer Institute (NCI)NCI-2020-02986Not yet recruitingOther
Netupitant/Palonosetron Hydrochloride and Dexamethasone With or Without Prochlorperazine or Olanzapine in Improving Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting in Patients With Breast CancerGary MorrowURCC-16070RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
Olanzapine With or Without Fosaprepitant Dimeglumine in Preventing Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting in Cancer Patients Receiving Highly Emetogenic ChemotherapyAlliance for Clinical Trials in OncologyA221602RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
Phase 3 Randomized Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial of DonepezilWake Forest University Health SciencesWF-97116RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
Reproductive Health Program in Patients With CancerEastern Cooperative Oncology GroupECOG-E1Q11RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
S0820, Adenoma and Second Primary Prevention TrialSouthwest Oncology GroupSWOG-S0820RecruitingCancer Prevention
S1316, Surgery or Non-Surgical Management in Treating Patients With Intra-Abdominal Cancer and Bowel ObstructionSouthwest Oncology GroupSWOG-S1316RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
S1415CD, Trial Assessing CSF Prescribing Effectiveness and Risk (TrACER)Southwest Oncology GroupSWOG-S1415CDRecruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
S1501 Carvedilol in Preventing Cardiac Toxicity in Patients With Metastatic HER-2-Positive Breast CancerSouthwest Oncology GroupSWOG-S1501RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
S1703 Serum Tumor Marker Directed Disease Monitoring in Patients With Hormone Receptor Positive Her2 Negative Metastatic Breast CancerSouthwest Oncology GroupSWOG-S1703RecruitingOther
Simplified Patient Care Strategy in Decreasing Early Death in Patients With Acute Promyelocytic LeukemiaECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research GroupECOG-ACRIN-EA9131RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
Stepped-Care Telehealth for Distress in Rural Cancer SurvivorsWake Forest University Health SciencesWF-30917CDRecruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Studying the Physical Function and Quality of Life Before and After Surgery in Patients With Stage I Cervical CancerGynecologic Oncology GroupGOG-0278RecruitingOther
Testing Ramipril to Prevent Memory Loss in People With GlioblastomaWake Forest University Health SciencesWF-1801RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
The National Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS) StudyNational Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)ECOG-ACRIN-NHLBI-MDSRecruitingOther
Treatment Effects on Development of Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy in Patients With CancerSouthwest Oncology GroupSWOG-S1714RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
Trial of Acupuncture for Radiation-Induced Xerostomia in Head and Neck CancerWake Forest University Health SciencesWF-97115RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
Understanding and Predicting Breast Cancer Events After TreatmentWake Forest University Health SciencesWF-97415RecruitingOther
Web-Based Physical Activity Intervention in Improving Long Term Health in Children and Adolescents With CancerChildren's Oncology GroupCOG-ALTE1631RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
Whole-Brain Radiation Therapy With or Without Hippocampal Avoidance in Treating Patients With Limited Stage or Extensive Stage Small Cell Lung CancerNRG OncologyNRG-CC003RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs
Work Ability in Young Adult Cancer SurvivorsWake Forest University Health SciencesWF-10217RecruitingSupportive Care/Symptom Management/PROs