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TitleSponsorNCI Protocol No.StatusTrial Type
Assessment of Current Biomarker Testing Practices for Common Solid Cancers in Precision Oncology in the Community SettingECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research GroupECOG-ACRIN-EAQ161CDActive, not recruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Assessment of Financial Difficulty in Participants With Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and Multiple MyelomaAlliance for Clinical Trials in OncologyA231602CDActive, not recruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Decision Aids in Improving Knowledge in Patients With Newly Diagnosed Prostate CancerAlliance for Clinical Trials in OncologyA191402CDActive, not recruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Financial Burden Assessment in Patients With Stage I-III Colon or Rectal Cancer Undergoing TreatmentECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research GroupECOG-ACRIN-EAQ162CDActive, not recruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Financial Navigation Program to Improve Understanding and Management of Financial Aspects of Cancer Care for Patients and Their SpousesSouthwest Oncology GroupSWOG-S1912CDRecruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Identifying, Understanding, and Overcoming Barriers to the Use of Clinical Practice Guidelines in Pediatric OncologyChildren's Oncology GroupCOG-ACCL15N1CDActive, not recruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Implementation and Effectiveness Trial of HN-STARWake Forest University Health SciencesWF-1805CDRecruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Implementation of Smoking Cessation Within NCI NCORP Community SitesWake Forest University Health SciencesWF-20817CDCompletedCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Implementing a Virtual Tobacco Treatment for Cancer Patients in Community Oncology PracticesECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research GroupECOG-ACRIN-EAQ171CDRecruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Improving Patient-Centered Communication in Breast Cancer Through Patient and Provider InterventionsAlliance for Clinical Trials in OncologyA231901CDRecruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Increasing Patients' Engagement in Breast Cancer Surgery Decision-MakingAlliance for Clinical Trials in OncologyA231701CDRecruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Increasing the Dose of Survivorship Care Planning in Improving Care and Outcomes in Prostate Cancer Survivors Receiving Androgen Deprivation TherapyNRG OncologyNRG-CC007CDRecruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
S1415CD, Trial Assessing CSF Prescribing Effectiveness and Risk (TrACER)Southwest Oncology GroupSWOG-S1415CDActive, not recruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
S1417CD Financial Impact Assessment Tool in Patients With Metastatic Colorectal CancerSouthwest Oncology GroupSWOG-S1417CDCompletedCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Stepped-Care Telehealth for Distress in Cancer SurvivorsWake Forest University Health SciencesWF-30917CDRecruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Supportive Care Service Availability for Cancer Caregivers in Community Oncology PracticesWake Forest University Health SciencesWF-1803CDCompletedCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Understanding the Impact of Drug Shortages on Oncology Care DeliveryUniversity of Rochester NCORP Research BaseURCC-18004CDActive, not recruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)
Use of a Pre-Surgical Toolkit in Improving Surgical Care and Outcomes in Older Participants With CancerAlliance for Clinical Trials in OncologyA231601CDRecruitingCancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR)