NCORP Community Sites, Minority/Underserved Community Sites, and Research Bases



Listed Alphabetically by State of Lead Site
Principal Investigator/PI Location
State(s) Included in Catchment Areas


Bay Area Tumor Institute NCORP
Lisa Bailey, BA, MD
Oakland, California

Catchment Area: California

Kaiser Permanente NCORP
Louis Fehrenbacher, BS, MD
Oakland, California

Catchment Area: California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Oregon


Catholic Health Initiatives NCORP
Dax Kurbegov, MD, BS
Englewood, Colorado

Catchment Area: Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Washington

Colorado Cancer Research Program NCORP
Keren Sturtz, MD
Denver, Colorado

Catchment Area: Colorado, Montana, Wyoming


Delaware/Christiana Care NCORP
Gregory A. Masters, MD, BA
Newark, Delaware

Catchment Area: Delaware, Pennsylvania

Nemours NCORP
Eric S. Sandler, MD, BA
Wilmington, Delaware

Catchment Area: Delaware, Florida


Florida Pediatric NCORP
Emad K. Salman, MD, BS
Tampa, Florida

Catchment Area: Florida


Georgia Cares Minority Underserved NCORP
Sharad A. Ghamande, MD
Augusta, Georgia

Catchment Area: Georgia

Georgia NCORP
Guilherme Henrique C. Cantuaria, MD, PhD, MD
Atlanta, Georgia

Catchment Area: Georgia, South Carolina


Hawaii Minority Underserved NCORP
Jeffrey L. Berenberg, BA, MD
Honolulu, Hawaii

Catchment Area: Hawaii


Carle Cancer Center NCORP
Kendrith M. Rowland, Jr., MD, BA
Urbana, Illinois

Catchment Area: Illinois, Indiana

Heartland Cancer Research NCORP
Bryan A. Faller, BS, MD
Decatur, Illinois

Catchment Area: Illinois, Missouri

Stroger Hospital of Cook County Minority Underserved NCORP
Thomas E. Lad, BA, MD
Chicago, Illinois

Catchment Area: Illinois


Iowa-Wide Oncology Research Coalition NCORP
Robert J. Behrens, MD, BS
Des Moines, Iowa

Catchment Area: Illinois, Iowa


Kansas City NCORP
Rakesh Gaur, MD, MPH
Prairie Village, Kansas

Catchment Area: Kansas, Missouri

Wichita NCORP
Shaker R. Dakhil, MD, Bachelors
Wichita, Kansas

Catchment Area: Kansas


Gulf South Minority Underserved NCORP
Augusto C. Ochoa, MD
New Orleans, Louisiana

Catchment Area: Louisiana, Mississippi

Ochsner NCORP
John T. Cole, BS, MD
New Orleans, Louisiana

Catchment Area: Louisiana, Mississippi


Beaumont NCORP
John M. Robertson, BS, MD
Royal Oak, Michigan

Catchment Area: Michigan

Cancer Research Consortium of West Michigan NCORP
Kathleen J. Yost, MD, BS
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Catchment Area: Michigan

Michigan Cancer Research Consortium NCORP
Philip J. Stella, MD, BS
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Catchment Area: Idaho, Michigan, Oregon, Pennsylvania


Essentia Health NCORP
Bret E. Friday, PhD, MD
Duluth, Minnesota

Catchment Area: Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin

Metro Minnesota Community Oncology Research Consortium
Daniel M. Anderson, MD, MPH
Saint Louis Park, Minnesota

Catchment Area: Minnesota, Wisconsin


Cancer Research for the Ozarks NCORP
Jay W. Carlson, BS, MS, DO, BS
Springfield, Missouri

Catchment Area: Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma


Montana Cancer Consortium NCORP
Benjamin T. Marchello, MD
Billings, Montana

Catchment Area: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming


Nevada Cancer Research Foundation NCORP
John A. Ellerton, MD, BS
Las Vegas, Nevada

Catchment Area: California, Michigan, Nevada

New Mexico

New Mexico Minority Underserved NCORP
Carolyn Y. Muller, MD
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Catchment Area: New Mexico

New York

Columbia University Minority Underserved NCORP
Gary K. Schwartz, MD, BA
New York, New York

Catchment Area: New York

Montefiore Minority Underserved NCORP
Joseph A. Sparano, BS, MD
Bronx, New York

Catchment Area: New York

Northwell Health NCORP
Vincent P. Vinciguerra, MD, BA
Lake Success, New York

Catchment Area: New York

North Carolina

Southeast Clinical Oncology Research (SCOR) Consortium NCORP
James N. Atkins, MD, BS, Associates
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Catchment Area: Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia


Columbus NCORP
Timothy D. Moore, MD, BS
Columbus, Ohio

Catchment Area: Ohio

Dayton NCORP
Howard M. Gross, MD
Dayton, Ohio

Catchment Area: Indiana, Ohio


Geisinger Cancer Institute NCORP
Rajiv Panikkar, MD
Danville, Pennsylvania

Catchment Area: New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Main Line Health NCORP
Albert S. DeNittis, MD, BA, MS
Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

Catchment Area: Pennsylvania

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Minority Underserved NCORP
Luis Baez-Diaz, MD, BS
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Catchment Area: Puerto Rico

South Carolina

Medical University of South Carolina Minority Underserved NCORP
Chanita Hughes-Halbert, PhD, MS, BA
Charleston, South Carolina

Catchment Area: South Carolina

NCORP of the Carolinas (Greenville Health System NCORP)
Jeffrey K. Giguere, MD, BS
Greenville, South Carolina

Catchment Area: South Carolina

South Dakota

Sanford NCORP of the North Central Plains
Preston D. Steen, MD
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Catchment Area: Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota


Baptist Health System/Mid South Minority Underserved NCORP
Raymond U. Osarogiagbon, MD
Covington, Tennessee

Catchment Area: Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee


South Texas Pediatric Minority Underserved NCORP
Anne-Marie R. Langevin, MD
San Antonio, Texas

Catchment Area: Texas


VCU Massey Cancer Center Minority Underserved NCORP
Harry D. Bear, MD
Richmond, Virginia

Catchment Area: Virginia


Northwest NCORP
John A. Keech, Jr., DO, BS
Tacoma, Washington

Catchment Area: Alaska, Utah, Washington

Pacific Cancer Research Consortium NCORP
Gary E. Goodman, MD, BS, Masters
Seattle, Washington

Catchment Area: Alaska, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington


Aurora NCORP
Thomas J. Saphner, MD, BS
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Catchment Area: Wisconsin

Wisconsin NCORP
Adedayo A. Onitilo, MD, PhD
Marshfield, Wisconsin

Catchment Area: Michigan, Wisconsin

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Research Bases


Alliance NCORP Research Base
Jan C. Buckner, MD, BA
Rochester, Minnesota

New York

University of Rochester NCORP Research Base
Gary R. Morrow, BA, BS, Certificate, MS, MS, PhD
Rochester, New York

North Carolina

Wake Forest NCORP Research Base
Glenn J. Lesser, MD
Winston Salem, North Carolina


SWOG NCORP Research Base
Charles D. Blanke, MD, BS
Portland, Oregon


Children's Oncology Group (COG) NCORP Research Base
Brad H. Pollock, MPH, PhD
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lynne I. Wagner, PhD
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

NRG Oncology NCORP Research Base
Deborah W. Bruner, PhD, RN
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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