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This section links to webinars and videos on clinical trials topics, such as trial design, patient safety, precision medicine, and others:

Best Practices for Integrating Patient Reported Outcomes in Oncology Clinical Trials

The following webinar series is a collaboration of the International Society for Quality of Life ResearchExternal Web Site Policy and the National Cancer Institute. The videos in the series may be viewed independently or sequentially in the order listed below.

session 1

Session 1

David Cella, Ph.D. presents
How to identify the PRO context for clinical trials and identify the relevant PRO domains
Air date: 09/04/2014

session 2

Session 2

Bryce B Reeve, Ph.D. & Ethan M Basch, M.D. present
How to select the appropriate PRO measure
Air date: 09/03/2014

session 3

Session 3

Madeleine King, Ph.D., Michelle Naughton, Ph.D., & Lari Wenzel, Ph.D. present
How to design a high quality study with PRO endpoints
Air date: 08/20/2014

session 4

Session 4

Amylou Dueck, Ph.D. & Diane Fairclough, Dr.P.H. present
How to develop the statistical plan and sample size calculation for the PRO component of a clinical study
Air date: 08/19/2014

session 5

Session 5

Carol M Moinpour, Ph.D. & Andrew Bottomley, Ph.D. present
How to assure data quality for PROs in oncology clinical trials
Air date: 09/04/2014

session 6

Session 6

Michael Brundage M.D. & Melaine Calvert, Ph.D. present
How to report PRO study findings from clinical trials
Air date: 08/19/2014

Symptom Management & Quality of Life Concept Design

This video covers a variety of practical considerations for developing a symptom management concept for clinical research.