Working With NCORP

This section assists non-NCORP investigators and independent researchers who are interested working with the NCORP network or in collaborating with individual NCORP sites to conduct their studies.

Using NCORP's Network to Conduct Independent Research

The NCORP cancer research network conducts prevention, control, care delivery, and treatment clinical trials. Accruing adequate numbers of study participants is a persistent challenge, especially for independent researchers. Accessing the NCORP network can be one way to overcome this challenge. However, it is important to understand that the unique funding of NCORP may not sufficiently cover the entire costs of conducting the project.

NCORP funding supports the Research Bases and community clinical oncology practices (Sites) affiliated with the Research Base. These funds are directed to management and oversight of clinical trials, recruitment, and collection of self-report data and standard of care medical data, and data management and analyses.

The NCORP grants do not cover costs associated with the intervention, i.e., costs of experimental drugs, procedures outside standard of care, or costs of interventionists in behavioral trials. These extra procedures need to be funded either from industry, foundation grants, or separate NIH grants (not the NCORP support grant). Independent investigators wishing to use the NCORP network for studies will need to seek separate federal or non-federal funding (i.e., NIH, foundation support, or industry).

All cancer prevention, control and screening/post-treatment surveillance trials and cancer care delivery research studies to be conducted within NCORP must be conducted through a Research Base.

For more information on working with the NCORP network, please email staff at:

Collaborating with Individual NCORP Sites

NCORP grantees are encouraged to establish collaborations and partnerships with their community, such as faith-based organization, advocacy groups, and community coalitions. These collaborations are aimed at increasing clinical trial education and outreach with a goal of facilitating patient and provider participation in NCTN- and NCORP-sponsored clinical trials and cancer care delivery research. Those interested in contacting an NCORP Site regarding potential collaborative efforts can find existing NCORP grantees and their associated contact information under Find a Site.